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If you’re a savvy traveler passing through Denver airport, you’ll likely consider hiring an airport express shuttle. Denver International Airport is one of the largest airports in the world, second only to King Fahd International Airport in Saudi Arabia. It is the third busiest airport on the planet and plays a vital role as a relatively central travel hub within the United States. While millions of travelers pass through Denver Airport each year on their way to another state or country, the city of Denver itself attracts roughly 31 million visitors each year. If you plan to visit the Mile High City, you’ll need to consider how to make the most out of your experience—including getting around from attraction to attraction! In this article, we will break down the two most common ways folks travel from Denver Airport to downtown Denver, and which method is best.

Is There a Shuttle from Denver Airport to Downtown?

The many people who plan to visit Denver, Colorado each year must consider how they plan to navigate the city. Whether you come to visit the botanic gardens, the science or art museums, the zoo, the array of mouthwatering local eateries and brew pubs, or the ample natural attractions nearby like Mount Evans, there’s a little something for everyone in Denver. So, what’s the best way to get around, and is there a shuttle from Denver Airport directly to downtown?

There are a number of different ways to get to downtown Denver from the airport, and a shuttle is absolutely one of them—travelers will simply have to decide if they are more comfortable with a public shared shuttle service or a private airport express shuttle. Denver offers ample shuttle services to choose from, and visitors can also reach the city center by way of a taxi or taxi-related services, public bus, public train, or rental car.

Is There a Shuttle to the Denver Airport?

When your trip comes to an end, you can likewise rely on public buses or the A Line train, taxi, rental car, or shuttle service to get you to the airport on time to make your flight. It’s important to factor in travel time and additional stops should you use public transport, and if you rent a car, you must add the approximate amount of time it takes to return the rental to your travel time before your flight departs. This is why so many prefer a private, express shuttle service, as it is the most time-efficient and the most direct with the least amount of stress.

How Much Is a Shuttle from Denver Airport to Downtown?

Of course, pricing between shuttle services varies depending on the size and comfort level of the vehicle and associated service, the number of travelers and bags, and even time of day. As such, many shuttle express services offer custom pricing plans, because they understand every traveler’s needs are unique.

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Airport Express Shuttle vs. Denver Airport Rail

A popular alternative to an express shuttle is the A Line train that travels directly from Denver Airport to the city’s downtown area. In this section, we will weigh the pros and cons of both the public train and the private airport express shuttle Denver travelers can choose from, so you can select the right transportation for your circumstances.

Benefits of the "A Line," or Denver Airport Rail

There are several key benefits that come with taking the train from Denver Airport to the city’s downtown aside from the obvious convenience of securing transport directly from the airport to Union Station. Some of the obvious perks that come with taking the A Line include:

·      The price point: It cannot be denied that one of the leading benefits of taking the train from the airport to downtown Denver is the relatively inexpensive price point. At just under $11 for a one-way ticket, travelers can reserve their fare without worrying about accumulating a large bill. Especially after booking expensive airfare, it can be a great relief for your budgeting efforts to spend as little as possible if you simply want transportation from the airport to Union Station.

·      Centralized drop-off location: In taking the A Line from Denver Airport, you’ll arrive at the primary train station in downtown Denver, just blocks from the notable Coors Field, local shops, hotels, and restaurants, and the central business district. Whether you come for work or for play, Union Station makes an excellent starting point for your Denver adventure to begin.

·      Easy to book transport to and from the airport: Conveniently, travelers looking to take the Denver A Line train can book their tickets online, via their mobile app, or in person at any A Line railway platform. What’s more, there may also be discounts available for seniors, children, those collecting Medicare, or differently-abled folks.

One notable downside of taking the A Line is that it takes approximately 40 minutes with six total planned stops along the way to Union Station, the final and seventh stop—so if you are in a hurry, consider a more direct route! Another possible downside is that upon your arrival in downtown Denver, you will be reliant on public transportation or taxi service to get around, which often involves continued expenses, waiting, planning, walking, and scheduling.

Benefits of Airport Express Shuttle Denver Airport

While there are definite benefits to opting for the A Line train from Denver Airport to Union Station, there are also some positive aspects of taking an airport express shuttle. Denver Airport attracts many different shuttle services, but here are the top five reasons why you should choose a private express shuttle service:

·      No need to wait: Looking to get downtown as quickly and painlessly as possible? An airport express shuttle is a great option for those to make their way seamlessly from the airport to their final destination without waiting for other public travelers to gather or for the train to show up. A good express shuttle service will be waiting for you by the time your flight touches down, and will arrive at the arrivals area in time to pick up travelers and their baggage.

·      Private, discreet, luxury accommodations: Interested in traveling with a private party, family group, or company gathering? With an airport express shuttle/Denver downtown connection, guests can rest assured they will be escorted in a comfortable fashion, with room to relax and appropriately stow all their luggage, ski gear, instruments, etc. If you’re looking to add a little extra relaxation to your travels, booking an express shuttle can be a great way to eliminate the hassle of navigating public transport or an unfamiliar city.

·      Airport-to-door delivery to your desired final destination: Looking to arrive at a specific address, like a restaurant or hotel? This private transportation service can take you straight from the airport to your desired destination in the safest, most efficient way possible.

·      Flexibility to stop as little or as much as you like, wherever you like: Need to stop at a gas station to pick up some gum or the toothbrush you forgot? Want a bite to eat before you arrive downtown and face the challenges that come with unpacking? With private transport services, you can expect to be able to call the shots—including where you stop, when, and for how long the driver waits for you, as they are paid hourly.

·      Customer service and local area insight: Local private drivers have a wealth of knowledge not only about the safest, fastest, and least-trafficked ways to get you to your final destination but also about the Denver gems you’ll want to check out before you leave. From restaurant advice to tips for finding the closest nature trails to your hotel, your local driver can provide helpful insight that allows travelers to get the absolute most out of their trip.

Of course, one downside associated with a private airport express shuttle from Denver Airport is that it may rack up a significant bill should you add stops, ask your driver to wait at a restaurant, or use their services in any way over an extended period of time—though the barebones route can take as little as 30 minutes or so.

Best Airport Express Shuttle Service in Denver

One crucial aspect of planning to travel to downtown Denver is deciding how you are going to get around the city. Your mobility will directly affect your scheduled itinerary and your ability to voyage to fantastic iconic attractions like culturally valuable restaurants, breathtaking natural sights, or information-rich museums. While there are several key benefits to taking the train traveling from Denver Airport to the city’s downtown, you are much more likely to receive a stress-free, comfortable, customer-centric experience when you choose an airport express shuttle Denver offers up to guests. From climate control to choosing how, when, and for how long you stop, there’s a lot to be gained by hiring a private transport service to get you from Denver Airport the roughly 25 miles to the heart of the Mile High City.

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