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When you think about it, do you ever wonder why anyone would need a chauffeur? Think about it. It’s estimated that the daily driving distance for the typical American is 25 miles. That’s the equivalent of 18 full days per year on the road, or about an hour per day. It’s possible to spend twenty or more days a year in your car if you drive more than the average person. Oh my goodness, that’s a long period of time!

Just picture yourself being able to kick back and relax on your way to work instead of fighting traffic, searching for a parking spot, or fretting about being late. Hiring a chauffeur as a member of your domestic staff can make that a reality.

As was mentioned above, the majority of Americans’ commutes include driving. Having a chauffeur can add an extra hour or more to your day. Put it to any use you see fit! Take the time to catch up on the news, get an early start on the day, or simply relax in the company of your children while you drive them to school. Spending that time in any way you choose will help you feel calmer and less pressured overall.

Almost all of us drive the same routes to work every day without ever checking the traffic forecast. That’s a bummer since it could cause you to be delayed in traffic at a time when being late would be disastrous.

A chauffeur’s duties include keeping up with traffic reports and taking that information into account before setting off. That way, your chauffeur will be aware of any potential traffic delays ahead of time. They have extensive local knowledge and can help you plot a diversion that minimizes time lost while still getting you to your destination.

Today’s households have full schedules. Hiring a chauffeur may be the answer to your prayers if you find yourself juggling work and your children’s after-school activities. They can take care of dropping off and picking up your children, and you’ll always know who they’re with.

The national average for parking costs and time spent is revealed to be $97 and 17 hours per year, respectively. If you need to park in a pricey place, like Aspen, Colorado, these figures could be much higher. Hiring a chauffeur relieves you of the burden of driving around the block looking for a parking spot. Instead of adding extra time to your commute to find parking, you’ll be dropped off right at the door.

At last, we may all benefit from a little bit of extra opulence in our lives. Hiring a chauffeur can provide you and your loved ones with a much-needed dose of luxury and help you unwind right away. Further, you won’t ever have to stress over how your car seems to customers. A competent chauffeur driving a spotless car is sure to impress your business associates, investors, and clients.

You and your family have finally come to the conclusion that it is time to invest in a professional chauffeur, and now comes the difficult part: finding the perfect one. Aspen’s Way To Go is the solution. To better serve you, we ask that you fill out the following brief form so that we can learn more about your individual requirements. One of our helpful staff members will contact you shortly.